Reviving Royal Textiles and Costumes of Princely India

It is a great honour for Ahmedabad that Umang Hutheesing was invited by Maharana Arvind Singh of Udaipur, a descendant of India’s greatest warriors and patriotic heroes like Maharana Sangram Singh and Maharana Pratap to re-create the Mewar royal costumes for the recently concluded wedding of MK Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar and Nivritti Kumari of Odisha. For this very special and grand occasion, Umang Hutheesing and his team re-created the 120 kali Mewari Angarkha and the bodyfitting Achkan which is very often beautifully depicted in miniatures, the Choga and the Phalghar which were brought in to the Indian courts by the great moguls and finally the European influences- velvet jackets and half Angarkhi as well as the Sherwanis and kamar bandhs which are still popular today. All these costumes were to re-create the living heritage that India represents.

The costumes were made from the finest materials- pure silk Italian velvets from venice, pure gold and silver brocades from the royal treasury, Mewar banrasi brocades and tissues and rare fabrics from the finest suppliers. Umang Hutheesing and his team burnt the midnight oil and travelled almost daily between Ahmedabad and Udaipur to achieve fantastic fittings and grandeur that was necessary for this remarkable event where Royalty, Nobility, Industrialists, Politicians and Entertainers from across the world had come to celebrate. They all were dazzled by what they saw and appreciation was abundant.

The royal family greatly pleased acknowledged this, Quoting,

“You are a star!”

– Maharana Arvind Singh Mewar

“Dearest Umang , Thank you for making me look so special on my wedding day.

– MK Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar

“Thank you for making my Prince look like a dream come true on our wedding day.”

– Nivritti kumari Mewar

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