Position & Honour

Umang Hutheesing is the scion of one of India’s most historical and privileged families and grew up in a rich cultural and artistic environment from childhood that can trace it’s lineage back 1200 years.

He went to the Babson College, USA for his under graduate studies in Business & Science. He further acquired a Banking Diploma in Japan. He has travelled the world extensively and gaining insight in the different world cultures and traditions which are his passion.

Umang Hutheesing invokes the image of a man steeped in modern luxury yet at par with the old grace. Congenial and shy he opens up slowly but never fails to surprise you with his charismatic blend of culture, heritage and modernity. The unusual combine of politely unpretentious, magnanimous and glamorous sure take your breath away. Only someone from as historical a family as his, working towards nurturing Royal traditions and culture, could showcase on a grand scale as he has. Umang could well be defined as ‘aesthete-at-large and patron of the arts’.

"We know that Christopher Columbus set out to discover India, but a navigational error took him to the Americas instead. Since the beginning of time, India has fascinated us. Travel books, poems, novels, photographs, films, music, dance and several Nobel Prizes have taught us that this country is one of the world’s greatest and most mysterious. Even if we have read Tagore and admired Gandhi, it will always be a place to discover anew.

Umang Hutheesing with Pierre Berge

Today, thanks to the Huthessing Foundation and its president, Mr. Umang Hutheesing, we have been given a glimpse of one of India’s lesser-known faces. We all know that this country is become more and more important. It has been able to embrace modernity quickly and face the future without denying its legendary past. In abandoning the plurality of its kingdoms for a singular republic, India, once again, has managed to surprise us."
- Pierre Berge

Stalwartly, he has worked to promote the Indian Culture globally as he grew up amongst the Grace and elegance of The Royal Traditions but also the Purity of Gandhism, through Exhibitions, Workshops and Gala Gatherings which remind one of the Old Parisian Parlors, with the exotic mix of Artists, Royalty, and Diplomats alike. That’s the closest one gets to the ‘Golden era’. Umang is a man of varied passions.

Founder president

Hutheesing Heritage Foundation


Hutheesing Design Company Pvt. Ltd.

Managing Trustee

L & P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre

Permanent Member of Governing Body

Ahmedabad Education Society

Former Convener, Ahmedabad Chapter

INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage

Co-Chairman, Non Resident Gujarati Committee

Gujarat chambers of commerce and Industry GCCI

Member of Governing Council

AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association)

Nominee, India

Prince Claus fund, (holland) in field of culture and development

Creative Consultant

Vogue, America 1999


Lakme India Fashion Week, 2000

Member of Advisory board

NID (National Institute of Design) 2001

Las Derniers Maharajas

Exhibition by Pierre Bergé/ Yves Saint Laurent Foundation Paris, 2010 - curator of
exhibition & author of catalogue of royal indian costumes


World Craft Council Summit, 2012

The Megnificent Maharajas

Exhibition by Korean Foundation, to be held in 2014. Curator n author

Creative Consultant

Mystic India IMAX Film on the cultural history of India

Creative Director

with INX media


SavoireFaire, columnist with the Times Of India

Global Heritage Fund (GHF)

Co Convener for Global summit on Indus Valley Civilization

Museum and Project advisor

Co Convener for Global summit on Indus Valley Civilization

Advisor to the weavers service centre

Product development Advisory board of AISEC – Ahmedabad

Media & Archives

Royal Banquet hosted for Her Majesty The Queen Mother

Ahmedabad December 6, 2011: Her Majesty The Queen Mother Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck and Her Royal Highness Ashi Eeuphelma Choden Wangchuck along

Roosevelt house to be decorated by Umang Hutheesing Art

US government commissioned Umang Hutheesing to create sight specific textile art for Roosevelt house, celebrating the Indo- American ...